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Founded by Deena Zenger in 1990, The Country School is a warm, nurturing environment where children Pre-Nursery to Pre-K can learn, grow, and play.  The Country School’s mission is to provide an innovative and preeminent education for children.  Our objective is to cultivate confident, ethical, mindful, life-long learners that have the power to change the world.  Our unique approach to learning is based on connecting a child’s natural world to academic success using an interdisciplinary curriculum.  The Country School nurtures the whole child to create student success. We respect and embrace children’s diverse backgrounds, their heritage, cultures, and linguistic experiences and we strive to create a program where all children can flourish.


The Country School provides an active learning environment.  Our primary approach is focused on intentional planning and learning experiences that encourage participation, involve multiple contexts, and engage the senses in order to help children explore their environment. Our multi-dimensional curriculum is integrated and occurs simultaneously across all domains. 

Students are encouraged to use critical thinking and apply creative solutions to problem solve.  We provide ample time for children to learn through play by encouraging small and large group socialization activities as well as direct class instruction and one-on-one support. Teachers work side by side with students to promote optimal learning.  Our “whole child” curriculum integrates wellness, academics, creative arts and life building skills to provide a well-rounded basis for learning and growing. We promote independence, good decision-making skills, and a strong sense of self through teaching children conscious awareness and the mind/body connection. 

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An experienced teacher and teaching assistant teach each class. We also offer programs in science, mindfulness, Spanish, music, yoga, creative movement, ballet, gymnastics, and sports taught by qualified and certified professionals.

Class sizes are small, affording critical one-on-one support and guidance. Teachers foster independence and work side by side encouraging all children in a positive way to work, grow and play together.

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