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The Country School for Pre-Nursery to Pre-K offers a state of the art education for new learners. Its purpose is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for young  students to grow and thrive. It introduces a new theme each month. Scienceartmusicmovementlanguage, artsmath, and nature are incorporated into these themes. Children will be able to base new knowledge on previous theme work. Additionally, the campus houses many amazing animals that the students are encouraged to interact with, feed, and care for. 


Early literacy skills are fostered through storytelling, rhymes, phonics, puppetry, poems, songs and fingerplay to promote a solid foundation for reading readiness.  There are six building blocks of language and literacy that we incorporate into our monthly curriculum: listening, vocabulary, phonological awareness, letter knowledge recognition, print awareness and comprehension. 

The Foundations of mathematics and problem solving are explored as students manipulate materials such as unifix cubes, blocks, puzzles, and sequencing cards.  We focus on developing cognitive skills that pertain to mathematical learning including: counting, sorting, patterning, sequencing, estimation, and problem solving activities that form the basis of higher level Math skills.

Our little scientists observe, predict, collect data, work out science theories, cook, conduct experiments, and make observations about our natural world. We promote environmental awareness and good stewardship to create a cleaner and healthier community and planet.

Art experiences are offered daily. Children have an opportunity to express themselves through many mediums, including painting at an easel, creating a collage, molding clay or  learning how to use markers, crayons, oil pastels, glue, scissors, or tape.  Creating Art benefits motor skills, cognitive development, math and language skills and creativity. 

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Musical expression is incorporated daily.  The children get together for singing, drumming, sticks, bells, self-expression and group ensemble with our music teacher.  We offer an eclectic variety of music styles to help foster interest and familiarize students with musical elements and different music styles. 


Located in Wainscott, NY our play based school is designed for children to explore, learn, create, grow and play inside and OUT! Inside, our classrooms, library, gym, and fully equipped kitchen are bright and inviting.  Outdoors there are a number of options for creativity and play.  We have a number of animals at our junior campus that students are encouraged to interact with. There is a sports field, age appropriate playgrounds, an enclosed swimming pool and music garden.

We love to show off our facility. Contact us for a tour.

Visit our gallery to see how our kids explore, learn, create and play

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