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The Country School Association for Pre-Kindergarten through second grade offers a state of the art education with parental freedom and choice at its core.  Its purpose is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for school age children to grow and thrive.  Students gain a strong foundation across subject areas through hands on project based learning.   Through our unique, standards based curriculum students learn how to walk through the world mindfully, being aware of themselves and others with kindness and equity at the forefront.  Our daily rhythm of guided play, academics, and creative arts fosters the imagination of the young child. 

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Literacy skills for pre-emergent through proficient readers are fostered through shared reading, read-alouds, one-on-one reading with a teacher, literacy play activities, direct reading instruction, syllabication, phonics, blending, comprehension, and group discussions that support language development and literacy skills.

Foundations of mathematics are learned by exploring concepts, developing number sense, understanding spatial relations, making comparisons, learning addition/subtraction, understanding place value, linear measurement and lengths, understanding attributes of and working with geometric shapes, base 10 notation, early fractions, time, money, and exploring standard units of measure.

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Science is discovered through project based programs that begins with the seed to table concept using problem solving, observational skills, and hard work.  It then moves to our local ecosystems and geology where the students build upon knowledge and experiences they already have to connect to new concepts and skills. Students become little scientists and learn to have a respect for the natural resources of our region. 

Our Spanish program is geared for all levels with a focus on conversational Spanish. Whether your child is just beginning their acquisition of the language or if they have basic fluency, our curriculum will keep them interested and engaged.


Art experiences are offered throughout the curriculum. Children have an opportunity to express themselves through many mediums, including painting, drawing, and sculpting, using markers, crayons, oil pastels, and various other art materials.  Creating Art benefits motor skills, cognitive development, math and language skills and creativity. 

Music is embraced daily at the country school within the classrooms.  In addition, the children get together every week with our music teacher where they sing, drum, and use instruments to encourage self-expression in a group ensemble.  We offer an eclectic variety of music styles to help foster interest in music and familiarize them with musical elements and different music styles. 


Wellness will be woven into students daily experiences. Students will gather as a group several times a week to participate in Mindfulness activities both as individual classes and as a school. Our goal is to help students become conscious and mindful members of their community. 


Located at 174 Daniels Hole Road (EHIT), in East Hampton NY, The Country School Association campus features a 6000 sq.ft. school with five classrooms, boys/girls bathrooms, commercial kitchen, 2000 sq.ft. covered patio, an impressive bright gym space, pool, garden areas, sports field, tennis and a brand new, state of the art playground. 

We love to show off our facility. Contact us for a tour. 

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